Anglo-Brazilian Dialogues on Law and Religion

Diálogos Anglo-Brasileiros sobre Direito e Religião

Hosted by Oxford Brookes University and the Universidade Federal de Uberlândia (Federal University of Uberlandia)

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Participate in internationally hosted on-line seminars about law and religion


In presenting papers from two very different contexts, law and religion scholars from Brazil and the UK will provide a starting point from which to explore commonalities and differences between varying legal contexts. It is anticipated that this will stimulate discussion among participants to enrich an understanding of the legal systems in which participants are based, the status of religion within those legal systems and the relationships of religions and the adherents of religion to those legal systems.

Details of seminars

Wednesday 25 November, 2-4p.m

Sacred ground, sacred spaces, and sacred places

Rodrigo Vitorino, Director of the Law and Religion Research Group at the University of Uberlandia and Sarah Hayes from Oxford Brookes University.

Friday 11 December, 2-4 p.m.

Religious symbols and criminal law

Peter Edge, Professor with the Fundamental Rights and Equalities Group at the School of Law, Oxford Brookes University and Fábio Leite is Professor of Constitutional Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.

Instructions for joining the on-line conference

To participate in the conference simply complete the registration form at On receipt of your details we will send you instructions on how to join the on-line conference.