The Center

The Brazilian Center of Studies in Law and Religion is a unique initiative in Brazil, which aims to study the relationship between law, state and religion from national and international perspectives, as well as to examine and promote the right to religious freedom. It is a research group established at the Faculty of Law of the Federal University of Uberlandia and affiliated with The National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). The group organizes scientific meetings and conferences to stimulate valuable discussions and interactions. Its websites publish case law, national and international law, articles, comments, notes, reports, information on resources (journals, books, videos, websites), useful links and news related to religious freedom and church-state relations.

The leading researcher

Rodrigo Vitorino Souza Alves is a member of the Faculty of Law of the Federal University of Uberlandia (Brazil). He received his Ph.D in Law (Approved with Distinction) from the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra (Portugal), and his LL.M and LL.B from the Federal University of Uberlandia (Brazil). His teaching and research interests include Constitutional Law, Human Rights, Cyber Law, Law and Technology, Law and Religion, Inter-religious and Intercultural Dialogue. He leads the Brazilian Center of Studies in Law and Religion, which focuses on religious freedom, protection of religious minorities, anti-discrimination norms and church-state relations. Rodrigo has published academic works and has been invited to speak or presented papers at events in Brazil (including the National Congress of Brazil, the Human Rights Ministry and several Universities) and international events (including the Universities of Beijing, Oslo, Cardiff, Oxford, Oxford Brookes, Bielefeld, PUC Uruguay e Paraguay, BYU and Virginia; Fundazione Marcianum in Venice; Senate of Uruguay; United Nations - OHCHR; Organization of American States). At the United Nations Office at Geneva he served as guest speaker at the Sixth Session of the Forum on Minority Issues on "Beyond freedom of religion or belief: Guaranteeing the rights of religious minorities" (OHCHR). At the OAS, he presented before the Committee of Juridical and Political Affairs of the OAS Permanent Council. Rodrigo is a Researcher at the Ratio Legis - Center for Legal Research and Development of the Autonomous University of Lisbon on the topic religious freedom, social tension and security. He was an Academic Visitor at the University of Oxford (2014-2015). Rodrigo sits at the International Academic Advisory Board of the Advanced Program on Religion and the Rule of Law at Oxford, he is a member of the Editorial Board of the Series "Law and Religion in a Global Context" published by Springer and the editor of the book "Latin American Perspectives on Law and Religion", he is a guest academic at the Sacred and Secular Project (Open University), and also the Brazilian National Reporter for the Constitute Project (Comparative Constitutions Project). He is one of the original signatories of the Declaration on Human Dignity for Everyone Everywhere (December 2018). Rodrigo was a member of the Expert Advisory Group for the International Development of Law Organization (IDLO) study on freedom of religion or belief. In 2015-2016, he coordinates the project “Religion and Human Rights: Promoting the Respect for Religious Diversity”, which received the support of the Ministry of Education of Brazil. He is a member of the International Consortium for Law and Religion Studies (ICLARS), Latin American Consortium of Religious Freedom (CLLR) and Law and Religion Scholars Network (LARSN). He is licensed to practice law in Brazil.


Av. João Naves de Ávila 2121, Bloco 3D, Sala 307

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